Growth marketing: what is it and how it works?

Author: Paxzu
Published: February 27, 2023
Last update: May 16, 2023

Growth marketing: what is it and how it works?

Posted by Paxzu on Feb 27, 2023 12:33:43 PM


The growth marketing strategy is a digital marketing optimization method in which you will guarantee the growth of different areas in your company, if you want to learn more about this, continue reading this article and learn everything about this incredible tactic.

The world of digital marketing is becoming increasingly broader, mainly due to the constant emergence of new and better processes that greatly benefit those brands that seek to consolidate within their market of interest. If you have ever carried out any kind of campaign with your company or have strategic allies such as digital marketing agencies, you will surely have heard of growth marketing, an incredible optimization strategy that guarantees exponential growth in different areas.

If you are interested in learning a little more about growth marketing, how it works, what characterizes it, and what main strategies can be implemented from this methodology, we invite you to join us in reading this blog post. We guarantee you that in the end, you will have better tools to approach your digital strategies and a more comprehensive notion of the efficiency in creating new products and services.

What is Growth Marketing?

Growth marketing is a term that refers to the practice of promoting and selling products or services by increasing their popularity in existing markets, or by reaching new customers through unconventional marketing strategies. For many businesses, this methodology has become a key component of their digital blueprint, because it enables them to reach a larger audience, increase leads and obtain much more sales. But, how does it work?

Growth marketing focuses on growing a business by optimizing user acquisition, engagement, retention, and monetization. As such, it’s a form of inbound marketing that uses several techniques to build a company’s customer base and improve its performance. These include search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, social media marketing, and paid advertising. 

The different components of growth marketing together maximize a company’s return on investment (ROI) and maximize the amount of revenue and profit it can generate. Furthermore, it can be used as a stand-alone tactic or combined with other marketing approaches to help companies achieve their goals. 

How is growth marketing different from traditional marketing?

Traditionally, businesses relied on tactics such as paid advertising and print/radio ads to reach their target audiences. However, their methods are becoming less effective as more people rely on mobile devices and social media to get information about products and services that they want to buy-. As a result, companies areate increasingly relying on growth marketing to attract and retain customers through some of the best marketing strategies available. 

Therefore, unlike traditional marketing methods, growth marketing: 

  • Focuses on attracting the attention of potential customers rather than on persuading them to buy a particular product or service.
  • Concentrates on creating engaging content and nurturing long-term relationships with audiences, rather than getting attention through aggressive marketing tactics. 
  • It is based on data and research instead of anecdotal evidence or guesswork. 
  • Enables businesses to better understand their customers so that they can create targeted content that resonates with them. 
  • It is flexible and can be adapted to meet the specific needs of various target groups depending on the products or services they offer. 
  • Helps businesses gather valuable data and feedback that can be used to improve their marketing efforts. 

Growth Marketing strategies to boost your results

Considering growth marketing as a practice that creates and implements marketing plans that aim to increase sales or customer base growth, it is important to know some of the best strategies you can use to reach that goal. Therefore, here are some tactics you can use to boost your marketing efforts: 

  • Conventional growth hacking: traditional growth hacking is aligned with brand objectives, among which can be found the consolidation of an image, greater audience acquisition, or a better number of sales. Thus, some companies decide to use growth hacking in campaigns focused on a consolidated audience so that they can have greater interaction with the company's services, receive exclusive benefits for referrals, or make publications that promote the interaction of new users who could become future customers. 
  • Low-cost growth hacking: as its name suggests, low-cost growth hacking depends largely on the associated costs and how they can be reduced without affecting the growth of results. In this way, growth marketing acts creatively, using to its advantage some free resources at its disposal to obtain the expected results without having to impact the economic growth of a brand. To carry out this strategy, it is always recommended to have the help of a digital marketing agency that has the necessary means to project low-cost growth that is profitable and effective in terms of sales and audience acquisition. 
  • Gamification growth hacking: the best way to incentivize a customer to make a purchase or consolidate as a user of the brand is through an easy and intuitive reward system. In this sense, gamification growth hacking seeks to promote a competitive environment that can have different levels, steps, and associated benefits that depend entirely on the relationship established with the brand and the strengthening that users can provide to it.  
  • Growth hacking remarketing: this strategy is widely used by digital marketing agencies that use advertising or content associated with the sales funnel to determine which customers might be interested in buying a brand's products. In this way, the processes are systematized so that the valuable information reaches specifically that sector of users who could make an effective purchase according to their consumption trends or the interaction they establish with the brand.

We hope that this introduction to growth marketing has allowed you to learn a little more about the versatility and effectiveness that a good digital strategy can have today. We remind you that to implement these content marketing services, an ally like Paxzu can be precisely what you need to observe better results and achieve your goals. For this reason, we invite you to learn more about our services and contact us. We are waiting for you!

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